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Save Our Lake Organization of Lake Norman,NC
P.O. Box 394
Terrell, NC 28682
Phone: 704-458-1163
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Report from Save Our Lake Organization
March 22,2008.

It was a beautiful Spring Day around 70 degrees, perfect for S.O.L.O. to go on a “Adopter of Islands” visit and cleanup. Due to the drought of ’07 our transportation has been sitting in the dirt it so it was great that mother nature blessed us and gave us water, we were all eager and past due to check on our islands.
The first island we visited was N-16, Heron Island. As you all know, Heron island is this small island located in the Davidson/Cornelius area. Heron’s seem to come to this island every year and this year is the first year that we’ve seen this many Heron’s this early in the Spring. As we approached Heron island we saw a few Heron’s flying to and fro big nests directly on top of the trees. Fascinating to think this  huge bird has a huge nest on the very top of trees. I can only imagine how many baby birds fall out of their nest being as high up in the trees. Once our crew landed on the island you could immediately feel the shift in the energy on Heron island. We felt like the invaders and we were clearly not wanted.  Within minutes dozens Heron’s started squawking and flying overhead. We could sense we were disturbing them and they wanted us to leave now. Listening and obeying and the rules of mother nature we thought it best that we leave the Heron’s alone.  We quickly gathered up our crew and got off the island.  We were there maybe 5- 6 minutes, and the most interesting thing that we found was a 55 gallon trash can! Go figure, here we are picking up trash and washed up on shore  of Heron  island is a 55 gallon trash can.

We circled the island by boat carefully trying to not disturb the birds again. A big concern of shoreline was on the west side of the island. There were a lot of trees down, a lot of shoreline erosion,  we saw that some of the island had caved in. Some of the trees that were down we noticed were still alive which indicated they had just fell. This part of the lake gets pounded with boat wakes especially since its located adjacent to the popular boat hangout “the sand bar”. This extensive erosion needs to be addressed immediately or in a couple years “Heron island” will become a shoal marker and these Great Blue Herons will lose their homes.

The next island we visited is next to heron island N-13. This island is right next to  Heron island. Upon our arrival there were already a couple boats anchored on shore. This island is the one where last year we found a huge camping area and  trash. Why? This island is heavily visited for day hangouts and overnight camping. Let’s hope the new law Duke Power just announced  “No overnight camping on any island” on Lake Norman will help the huge trash problem on Lake Norman. One of the SOLO board members commented would it help to supply and hang up trash bags for visitors to use? Or would it be too convenient for them and everyone would leave their trash there for us to haul away?

N-27 was our last island we visited. This island has clearly divided into two islands now. Clearly split in the middle.  The water levels were pretty high this day and there is evidence of high erosion in the middle of the two islands. There were about a dozen button bushes in the middle which might help slowdown the erosion. The middle was completely under water with bushed sticking out of the water. There were several islanders and boats ashore. On the north end we did notice about two dozen tubes in the water shoreline that had trees/bushes growing out of them. We guess that this is another attempt to help stop shoreline erosion? The plants coming out of the tubes looked healthy.

Conclusion:  The Great Blue Heron’s of Lake Norman are in jeopardy of their island washing away. Based on how many Herons we saw on heron island March 22nd, we feel that maybe we need to change the do not enter day on Heron Island to March 15th instead of April 1st. That is all we need is for people to disturb these birds on their Island.

What can we (SOLO) and the people who use Lake Norman do to help control this huge erosion problem of our islands? 
What can we do to get the word out “Don’t Litter” and “Pick up your trash”? Protect the future of Lake Norman and the endangered Catawba river.

One idea that has come up is in conjunction with the NC Big Sweep (NC October and May volunteers come together and pick up trash along all the shorelines of Lake Norman and surrounding areas. SOLO has supported Big Sweep since 2004. Since 2004 we have cleaned up over 10 tons of trash. Last year we picked up over 1800 pounds in 3 miles Trash in Lake Norman is a huge problem! With more and more development and more and more people comes trash. “drinking water” things aren’t getting any better. As a matter of fact The Catawba River is now the #1 most endangered river in the United States (up from #13 last year). We promote a clean Lake Norman and we need your help to help clean up Lake Norman!  This year’s The Big Sweep is held the 1st saturday of October from 9:00am-1:00pm.
If you care about the water quality of our Lake and the future of our drinking water you need to join us.  If you are interested in participating please contact for more details.

Save Our Lake Organization

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